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  • I seem to always be in search of some truly obscure or rare wood. In the case of  bog oak, the search is for a material that literally requires thousands of years to produce. There is some quantity of bog wood found in Ireland, where I was first made aware of the material.

    The Irish know how precious this material is and have made a very profitable cottage industry from its use in the production of craft and sculpture pieces. They seem very reluctant to give up any of the material for export.  I search Ebay frequently for bog oak, and through this search found box maker Patrick May. Patrick was willing to sell me some prime material from his supply. I really appreciate this, knowing that however much he has, it will most likely be his once-in-a-life-time stockpile. When finished, this wood will have the deep black tone of ebony and the texture and grain qualities of oak. Bog oak of this color is nearly always 5,000 years old or older. Patrick believes this may be 12,000 years old, but will notify me later of the result of carbon dating. Future plans are for this to be the prominent wood in a new teapot design, mostly black, white, gray, and natural toned woods with only white to gray to black veneers, pretty long with multiple animated legs, somewhat like a centipede box. If you have any leads on bog oak lumber, please pass them along to me.

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  • Ratko Novaković 01.03.2011

    I have bog oak for sale, if you are interested. The wood is 8% dry, different sizes and length.
    Regards, Ratko from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Looking for a huge local source of bog oak?
    Call me

  • Ratko
    Two years ago, you sent a message about bog oak. If you have truly black bog oak that I can get minimum 3″ (about 8 cm.) and wider pieces, free of major cracks, I am definitely interested. Minimum length 6″, but 12″ and longer is preferred. Thickness, 1 to 2 cm. and thicker. I resaw and mill wood to thickness all the time.
    Terry 913-825-1275 cell: 913-957-8286 spiritwood [at] everestkc [dot] net

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